Friday, September 7, 2012

Nice Place Friday #2

Up this week on our new Nice Place slot is Ginger & White. A relatively new offering in our neighbourhood, this little gem of a coffee shop resides on what I think might be Soho’s tiniest street, Silver Place. Nestled between a Sushi restaurant and the renowned X-It┬ábody hair removal salon, Ginger & White has all the hallmarks of an independent coffee shop. Wooden counter, pastries, cakes and snacks piled high, next to the mother of all coffee machines. My regular flat white was swiftly prepared and tasted pretty smooth. Not the smoothest coffee on our block ┬ábut definitely a contender for the top 3. But, and this is the important bit, the staff passed the nice test. Whilst one barista chatted with another customer about their latest coffee offering, my barista was super smiley without being too fake. Not a hungover, moody employee in sight. Nice.

posted by Big Brother at 4:55 pm